Lolu's Looks


Lolu’s Looks – it’s been a while… You know when you just blindly pick an outfit, and it ends up looking better than outfits you’ve even spent hours planning? Well, that happened to me today!!!!!!!!!! Lol, I’m gassed because that neeeeeever happens. Usually, I’m looking one of two ways: beat or beaten down, but todayyy…jheezeee… Continue reading LOLU’S LOOKS #4: SIXTIES’ SUNDAYS


INSECURITY (inspired by BKChatLDN)

The rate at which this show has grown is phenomenal. Essentially, it’s a discussion between ‘real people’ of ‘real topics’, and I love it. But I couldn’t help detecting insecurity in some of the episodes. Although in the context of BKChat, here are some signs that, to me, suggest insecurity in general: If you have to shout someone… Continue reading INSECURITY (inspired by BKChatLDN)



You know when you see those letters/emails beginning with ‘Unfortunately…’? And your heart sinks because you just know it’s not good news? Well, not getting an offer from Oxford University made me realise, most of us seem to forget that… “NO” IS NOT “NEVER” Do not let your current situation hinder your future prospects. *drops mic* lol Just… Continue reading REJECTED BY OXFORD UNIVERSITY