‘Falz the Bahd Guy’ released a music video riffing off of Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’.


Falz’ Nigerian version exposed some unpalatable truths, and naturally, not everyone could swallow the pill.

MURIC (The Muslim Rights Concern) were offended at the video’s (mis)portrayal of Islam, and gave Falz an ultimatum threatened a legal battle if ignored.


Why were they so triggered?

Amongst other things there were women in hijabs dancing the “shaku shaku” and there was a depiction of murder by a Fulani (Muslim) herdsman.

2018-06-18 (2)

They took this as an attack on their faith.


My 2 cents?

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

People will only oppose this video because of just how closely it hits home. It was not an attack on any individual group in society.

This same video also addressed the immorality that occurs in the Church. It contained the lines: ‘Pastor put his hand on the breast of his member, He’s pulling the demon out’

As I Christian, why should I take this to heart? That’d just suggest a blissful ignorance of the reality.

The video simply brought to light all the trash that runs in our society.

You can’t break free from something you haven’t accepted is enslaving you.

(osheyy #philosophicalgang #instaquotegang 😂)

Kudos to Falz.

He shook the dust off of many Made in Nigeria tables 👏🏾


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