Where do I even begin?

@rlt__- a popular influencer and fashion blogger made a video. In it she is crying, detailing how ‘things are not good’ especially because she is at the point now where she only has 1 month to go to apply for indefinite stay in the UK before her Visa expires. The problem? She says she’s broke and already in debt.

She opened a GoFundMe page to raise the £2k+ for her immigration application.

This video now has over 75k views, guys!



This is what some people think. Because she has 70k+ followers on Instagram, poses with ‘designer bags’, seemingly has a vast amount of clothing and has worked with multiple brands, they cannot fathom how it is possible that she cannot afford to fund her application.


Others come from the point of view that if you want something, you’ll go get it by any means. They therefore see the GoFundMe page as an easy way out that @rlt__ took.


Some influencers who are familiar with the line of work have come out to support her. They insist that Instagram is a façade – your page may be popping and your life is really not. They continue to say that a large following does not necessarily equal financial stability.


I think there are a few lessons to be learnt:

PACKAGING – How much packaging is too much? How far is too far in ‘faking it till you make it’?

INFLUENCER MARKETING – This has rapidly become everyone’s preferred side hustle, but it seems there is more to it than meets the eye. Apparently, it’s not the size of your platform, it’s what you do with the platform you have!

If you still think all that glitters is gold, then boy I don’t know for you.

What’s your take?


8 thoughts on “#VISABAE

  1. Branding and Packaging seems to be the order of the day every. This is keeping up with the Jonesses of the old. You dress rich when you are not rich…therefore putting yourself under the pressure you cannot afford to support.
    Online influencer is a business and you need to understand how it works
    .Don’t assume it he gain will come to you automatically. No it doesn’t work like that.

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  2. I honestly think she should have gotten so carried away with her “packaging”. Even going as far as borrowing some of her bags and stuff from her friends. Besides, if she has rich friends why are they not helping her raise the money?

    I think she needs to work harder. I have friends in the UK working and earning a living and even sending money back to their family in Nigeria.

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  3. I don’t think it’s a scam; it seems as though it’s a strategic strategy to get the home office to have compassion on her case. She has a massive following, and the media attention is likely to make the home office more lenient towards her case. Regardless, I wish her all the best as she has evidently built and lived most of her life in the UK

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  4. First off, I think there’s a lot wrong with the “fake it till you make it” mindset! We should be comfortable & confident whatever stage we’re in life. There’s absolutely no need to create a profile larger than what you really are – in fact, truly great men are usually far far “heavier” than they portray themselves to be. Our generation, especially, needs to focus a li’l more on truly making it than faking it; & of course, when we make it, there’ll be absolutely no need to fake it.

    And as for the “visabae”, doing a GoFundMe to raise £2k+ for indefinite stay application is a bit extreme – in fact, bothers on abuse of public benevolence! This is not an emergency for goodness sake, neither is it a life/death scenario, or some humanitarian effort! She had 10 years or so to prepare for this! And if for that long, she couldn’t raise that money, doesn’t have relationships that can source her that money even if on loan, & is left with only a GoFundMe option, then maybe bae should just go home – she might find better fortunes there! Of course, if any person(s) feel(s) compelled to “gofundher”, good luck to her & them, we all see things differently

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