You will probably lose friends.

If you’re not conscious about relationships, they really will fade away. This is when you differentiate the forced friendships from the organic. You know, the friends that you may not speak to for ages, but don’t get offended…(catch the shade if you do) and when you do link up again, it’s so natural. Thank God for low maintenance friends!


Wig life is the best life.

Sissssssss. I can’t even begin to describe the convenience – it is unmatched. It also means you don’t have to pay to do your hair like twice a semester. Yes, the initial cost is a lot, but it is such an investment. And once you’ve built up a collection, you can really choose to be a different girl every day if you wanted to.


Say farewell to your sleeping pattern.

I don’t know what it is about uni, but this is genuinely a thing, especially for clubbers (but I don’t club, so really, what’s my excuse…?) And because your sleeping pattern is skewed, your eating pattern (if there is such a thing) follows suit. Eating at 1/2am…yeahhhh, I don’t even know.


Mental health becomes more important than ever.

Uni can be a really lonely place. The pressure can mess with you. So, you really need to be super conscious to protect your peace and guard your heart.


Weight gain is real.

Fellow foodie, just respect yourself. Ok? Ok.


You really don’t have to be prey to f boys.

(and/ chewing gum girls for my guys reading, lol) It was made out to me that it was inevitable that an f boy would shatter your heart in first year…that really isn’t true. It’s the people you allow into your space that can have any influence within it. I don’t even think I’ve met a single f boy. This is not to say they don’t exist, it’s just about being selective with your company.


Can you relate?

What realities did you guys find  waiting for you at university? And what myths did you find to be totally untrue?



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