Lolu's Looks


Lolu’s Looks – it’s been a while…

You know when you just blindly pick an outfit, and it ends up looking better than outfits you’ve even spent hours planning? Well, that happened to me today!!!!!!!!!! Lol, I’m gassed because that neeeeeever happens.


Usually, I’m looking one of two ways: beat or beaten down, but todayyy…jheezeee – see for yo’self!!


I really felt like a character out of Hairspray the movie today. I mean you can tell I was feeling myself.



Today was (everyday is) a lazy hair day, and from this post y’all know ankara is my go to. Still though, I felt like doing something different with my crochet braids – and this glorious sixties-style fringe emerged – oya clap for me 😀


Top: Primark    Jeans: H&M    Scarf: Nigeria


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