Exam season *insert dramatic music* Don’t panic, I gatchu…

1)     WERK – I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that nothing good comes easy. You must be intentional about your revision. Don’t fool yourself – identify the things you need to do:

–        Your weakest areas, yes, the ones you’ve been avoiding for the past 2 years – start there! The fulfilment you’ll feel once you’ve got it down is so worth it.

–        Identify the style of revision best suited to you

–        Identify your revision place – is it the library, the kitchen, the toilet….

–        Set goals for each day at the beginning of each day or end of the previous one and write them down so as to make you feel obligated to do them. You can also tick them of as you do them – it’s the best feeling!!

(e.g. I will do 5 hours of revision today:

 9am-11am Philosophy, History 12pm-2pm, English 3pm-5pm) Yes, I know that’s 6 hours, which leads me on to my next point…

–        Push yourself – within reason of course, you know how far you can go. Don’t be lackadaisical

–        Reinforce what you’ve learnt by going over it again another day, test yourself at random times – repetition is good.

–        Start NOW!! It’s never too early

2)     BREAKS – you actually need this, especially if you’re one of those ones who when they work, they work HARD…too hard, and then crash and burn. This has happened to me IN an exam!! No breaks = breakdown!

3)     DON’T LOWER YOUR STANDARDS – especially not because of people saying ‘grades don’t really matter’ – izzz a lieee! If you’re capable of getting an A*, are you really gonna let someone downgrade you?! These same people will secretly revise hard and guess who will look like bread on results day?

4)     THINK OF YO’ MOMMA! Or whatever else motivates you, when you feel like giving up. Whether it be that uni you wanna go/ how proud your parents will be/ being able to show off your grades lol because success has many fathers. Everyone wants to associate with successful people. Do you like to be the centre of attention? You like presents? Money? Then you berra work hard.

5)     APPLY YOUR KNOWLEDGE. You may as well take this opportunity to observe the things you’ve been learning in the classroom as they come in real life – it will consolidate your knowledge. Humanities students, (heyyyy) a lot of what we do is to do with human behavioural patterns – try to spot them in people around you and then quickly go over that topic in your head as you see it. Science kids (whom I rate highly) – be more aware of your surroundings and see how it fits into what you know. E.g. it starts raining, use that opportunity to go over the water cycle or something…lol science is clearly not my forté.

6)     PRAY! When you’ve done all that you can, holla at God…you’ll thank me later.

Keep yo eye on the prize. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Still have concerns? Want specific advice? Or just want a place to vent and complain? The comments section is open for y’all!


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