Overrated foods that people probably just eat because of the hype:

1)     KFC chicken

– or southern fried chicken in general…ugh, it’s not nice at all. Wings I can do, but the chicken…✋

2)     Marshmallows

– what are they even? They’re not chocolate, so are they sweets or?? And what is so nice about a soft, powdery, pillow-type-thing that goes all mushy in your mouth…not a huge fan.

3)     Supermalt

I just don’t get the hype. It’s far too dench for me – that drink is like a meal in itself! It’s a major task to finish and it’s not even nice tbh *runs away* – don’t come for me!! 😅

4)     Marmite

they say ‘you either love it or hate it’ – THEY LIED! You either hate it or hate it. Loving it is really just not an option. The taste is just too offensive to be loved.

5)     Apple pie

–  or any other kind of hot dessert with fruit in it for that matter, I cannot deal. Like, I’m supposed to look forward to dessert… come on.

Do you agree, or nah? What other overrated food/drinks can’t you stand?



  1. Kfc overrated?? Nah! I totally disagree with you on that.

    Funny enough, my girlfriend and I were just talking about how we were craving Kfc’s crispy spiced chicken.

    I do agree with you on SFC tho. Their Chicken tastes like dried kuli kuli.

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