Been staring at a blank screen like this for the past month? Freaking out about the 50 billion drafts you’ve heard you have to write? I did it in 3… here’s how!

But first…

Let’s just get all the generic stuff out of the way:

  • Cliché phrasing is a turn off – ‘I wanted to be a doctor since I took my first breath’. Cut the crap.
  • Be yourself – cliché but true. Let your statement reflect (the best of) who you are! Don’t be scared to include any talents / quirky stuff that make you you!
  • Stay relevant – I can’t stress this enough. 47 lines may seem long right now but trust me…!! You don’t have the space for waffle. As much as possible, relate everything back to why it makes you perfect for that course.
  • Link as much as possible back to your course, without the link being too tenuous.

E.g. you sew for fun and want to apply for Biomedical Sciences.

Link: sewing require attention to detail, as do lab practicals.

See the link? Interesting but relevant.


On to the 4 easy steps – leggo!!


Make a list.

Yup, it’s that easy… (for now 😅) Start with a list of all the things you’d like to include – make sure they are all relevant to your course! Think veryyyy carefully. This was the most important part for me. You should be looking at a ratio of 75/80 academic: 20/25 extra curricular.


Expand on those points you’ve just made.

Don’t think of the statement in its entirety as of yet, treat those points individually. Why did you include that in your list? Elaborate.


You should have quite a few paragraphs on your expanded points – you’re pretty much looking at your 1st draft 🎉

Now that you have your mini paragraphs, group them together into I’d say 3-5 larger paragraphs. Which points go with which? Which fall under the same umbrella? Which do not fit?


Then, just think about the structure and logically order your paragraphs so that the whole thing flows.

Et voila! Proof read and you should have a pretty decent 1st draft!

More questions? Instagram/Facebook/ Twitter: @thelifeoflolu

Other helpful websites:




Do leave a comment if this helps…well go on then – get started!!!!!!



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