Lolu's Looks


So, I dragged bae out this evening to help me take a ‘few’ pictures

DSC_0635 (2)

The heat that hit London this week yhhhh!

When you don’t need hair sticking to your shoulders/neck, (Ankara) headscarves = bae. (unless you have a peanut head XD I kid I kid)

DSC_0613 (2)

Jeans all day err’day. Some days comfort>style – Amen?!

DSC_0611 (3)

I love incorporating Ankara into my outfits. I just feel like the patterns and colours add a little suttin suttin, you know? (& pree that natural cheekbone glow though! yassss)

DSC_0614 (2)

Ankara Scarf: Nigeria    Top: New Look    Jeans: H&M    Shoes: Primark

DSC_0643 (2)

P.s Do y’all want me to post a pictorial of how I tie these kinda scarves?



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