*FYI: I was a very independent, mature, TALKATIVE ass child.*

I was 6. We had just relocated to England from Naij, and my parents weren’t really on the babysitting thing. This meant that anytime they needed to go somewhere, I would look after my 3-year-old brother and 3-month-old sister.

So I started school in England, and was also going to an after-school club every day…after school…obviously…lol

I’ve always got on better with people older than me, so I naturally I gravitated towards one of the after-school club teachers, and started getting comfortable with her. One day we were just talking..ok, I was doing the talking lol, and kinda got carried away…

Me: “I look after my 3-year-old brother and 3-month old sister when my mummy and daddy have gone out”


Best believe I said this with confidence, with pride!! XD

The snake of a woman was encouraging me to tell her more, as if she was actually interested, when in reality, she was gathering evidence.

fake people

And I was there feeling like a BOSS, like “Yeahhh, all by myself when they’ve gone out” B )

Long story short sha, a few days later, my dad ask me what I had said – the lady had told the authorities!!

My dad just told me to start packing my bags, that Social Services were coming to take me away! XD I crieeeed ehn.

He was so savage about it: The next morning, when he was driving my brother and I to school, he told my brother to sit as close to the car door (i.e. as far away from me) as possible. He was like:

“Don’t sit near her oo. She’s not your sister anymore. She wants new parents, so Social Services will take her to her new family.”


Can you imagine!!!

That day after school, I fully expected to be picked up by Social Services.

From that day onwards, I learnt a very important lesson: HOLD YA LIPSSS!!!



  1. Ahhhh I thought it was only me , back in secondary , I was just blabbing like a roller coaster , not knowing oyinbo land is programmed differently 🤦🏾‍♀️


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