Lolu's Looks


Sooo, I was filming video announcements for my church (and this naturally turned into a photoshoot… hehehe *hides face*) Shout out to my friend for being the most patient guy everrr, despite me promising that it’d only be ‘one more’ picture…like a hundred times. Lol!


The camera was only going to be focused on my face so I only bothered to dress my top half, and just wore jeans for the bottom – and ha, don’t even watch my shoes, one raggedy slippers like this.

The main focus of the outfit was sha this silk-ish bomber jacket, turned top (- I wore it as a top that day).


I thought it was nice for filming – you know, the pop of colour, the pattern, and all of that. What do y’all think? Nice outfit for camera, or nah?


We found this wall mosaic thingy on our escapades, and I thought it was cool. Oh, and, I think I’m kinda obsessed with my side profile…lol! It’s like my head just naturally tilts. *shrugs*


and I also did small small makeups 😉

DSC_0495 (2)

Bomber Jacket/Top: Primark        Jeans: H&M       Swag: Lolu

What are y’all doing this week? Leave me a comment, and have a great one!

Kilzezzzz x

P.s – Instagram stories…wahhh?? pahdin?? What the plagiarism?! What the Melania Trump?! Feel free to rant in the comments!!


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