Lolu's Looks


It’s the first of the Lolu’s Look segment – woop! *milly rocks* How it works is,  I give y’all some eye candy and show you outfits I’ve slayeddd in (lol), and hopefully, y’all like it and maybe even get some inspiration.

 So last week I attended a wedding, and you know how we do – another day, another slay!

DSC_0360 (3)

I wasn’t too sure what to wear, because if you know anything about British weather, you know not to trust it. That day, the sun was shining but the wind was also coming through small small. It even rained lightly for about 2 minutes…I know right.

Anyway, I decided last-minute, on this – safe option, right?


MIDI SKIRTS = BAE! if you’re about the midi skirt life too, comment below!


Block heels are just saviours!! My feet really can’t hack stilettos. Flats> heels every day, (but some days you gats to ‘give it to themmm’ a bit lol!)


Midi Skirt: Misguided          Shirt: Mother’s wardrobe          Shoes: Primark

If you decide to create a look similar to this, tag us in your Instagram photo: @thelifeoflolu! I’d love to see!

So, what did you guys think of the first ‘Lolu’s Looks’? Do y’all want to see more?? Let me know in the comments section!


P.S. Have an amazing week!


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